What's your cancellation policy?
Life happens, plans change! As long as you contact us via email or phone at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure time, we'll be happy to refund the full value of your trip, less a $5.99 cancellation fee to cover bank processing costs. **Cancellations within 2 hours of the departure time are not possible and the fare will be forfeited.**

If you need to cancel a reservation with The Jet, please contact our concierge team at concierge@thejet.coach or call our customer service line at (202) 618-0612.
How do I change a ticket reservation?
All tickets can be modified to another scheduled trip provided there are seats available. Modifications can be made via the Manage Account page on the website or by getting in touch with our Concierge team at concierge@thejet.coach or (202) 618-0612. Fyi, ticket changes may result in an additional charge if the newly selected trip has a higher fare. Any modification made less than two hours prior to departure time of the originally scheduled trip results in a new ticket reservation.
Can I bring my pet on board?
Certified service animals are welcome onboard The Jet and are free of charge. If possible, your service animal should be kept in a carrier at all times in the space in front of your seat. Please note ADA regulations define service animals as working animals, not pets. This includes emotional support animals, which do not qualify as service animals under ADA guidelines. Unfortunately, only certified service animals are allowed onboard The Jet at this time.

An ADA information sheet is available here. If you have further questions, please send us an email at concierge@thejet.coach or call our customer service line at (202) 618-0612.
Which days does The Jet currently operate?
We currently operate 6 days a week, Wednesday through Monday. We're working hard to bring you additional departures so you can travel with us everyday of the week. Create an account to get our latest service announcements!
Where is The Jet's departure/arrival location in Washington, DC?
In DC, The Jet arrives and departs from 565 13th Street NW at F Street, which is one block away from Metro Center and just up the block from Warner Theater. To view our stop in DC on a map, click here.
Where is The Jet's departure/arrival location in New York City?
In New York City, The Jet arrives and departs from 565 W. 33rd Street between Hudson Boulevard & 11th Avenue, across the street from the Equinox Hotel. To view our stop in NYC on a map, click here.
What transportation options are available near The Jet's drop off locations in DC and New York?
Our stops are conveniently located just steps away from major transport links. In DC, we are right by Metro Center station with access to the Blue, Silver, Orange, and Red lines. In New York, we are 200 yards from 34th Street-Hudson Yards Subway Station with access to the 7 Train to Times Square and Grand Central Station.
Will The Jet be expanding its drop off locations in the future?
Yes! We're just getting started, but we'll be adding new routes and drop off locations soon. Create an account to receive our latest service announcements!
What is The Jet's vaccine policy for passengers? Are masks required?
As of July 1st, vaccines are no longer required to travel onboard The Jet. Masks are now optional for all passnegers and staff.

For your safety, all our crews are fully vaccinated and all our buses are fitted with UV air filtrations systems. To ensure that The Jet remains one of the safest ways to travel, we kindly ask that you do not travel if:

  1. You are sick;
  2. You have recently tested positive for COVID-19 (even if you do not have any symptoms);
  3. Have been around someone in the past 14 days who tested positive for COVID-19 (even if they do not have symptoms).

For any questions regarding our safety policies, please contact our concierge team at concierge@thejet.coach or call our customer service line at (202) 618-0612.
Are there food and beverage options available onboard The Jet? Can passengers bring their own food and beverage options if desired?
Yes! We carry a wide selection of snacks and beverages, including Illy coffee, water, sparkling water, soda, and alcoholic beverages (ID required; max 2 drinks per person). We are consistently reviewing our offering to ensure it stays on trend and matches the season. Of course, you are also welcome to bring your own food and drink on board if you wish.
What is the luggage allowance onboard The Jet?
Each passenger is allowed two large "checked" bags (max 50 lbs.) and two carry-ons. Large bags will be stowed in a compartment beneath the coach and carry-ons can be stored in the overheard bins onboard. There are also purse hooks available at all window seats onboard the coach.

Oversized luggage, including bikes, must be booked in advance via our concierge team, who can be reached at concierge@thejet.coach or (202) 618-0612. There are no guarantees that we will be able to carry such items if they are not booked with us in advance.
What is the age requirement onboard The Jet?
We welcome children age 6 and over on our regular, scheduled routes. Children over 6 but under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

For any concerns we should be aware of prior to a child traveling with The Jet, please reach out to our concierge team at concierge@thejet.coach or (202) 618-0612.
Is there WiFi onboard The Jet?
All passengers have access to free, HiFi WiFi™ onboard The Jet. It's the fastest WiFi in travel. You'll love it!
Is there a restroom onboard The Jet?
Yes! The Jet has an upscale restroom onboard with luxury fittings, a touchless sink and soap dispenser, and complimentary amenities, so you can freshen up in style!
How long will it take to travel between New York and DC onboard The Jet?
A typical trip on The Jet takes about 4 hours and 15 minutes! Obviously, we can't control the traffic or the weather, but we'll keep you updated and refreshed if we run into any unforeseen issues on the roads.
How does the pricing work for tickets?
The Jet operates on a dynamic pricing model with a starting rate of $99 for a one-way ticket. Ticket prices will rise beyond this base rate in response to demand and capacity levels, depending on the departure date and time. There is no price variation with one-way versus round-trip rates.

Fares are subject to change and may be higher during holiday and peak periods. Discount fares are subject to date, time and schedule restrictions outlined on a specific basis.
Does The Jet provide private charter options?
Yes! Whatever your charter requirement, we'd love to help you create a special, memorable event. For more information on pricing and availability, please send us an email at charters@thejet.coach or call our customer service line at (202) 618-0612.
Does The Jet provide lift-equipped, ADA compliant options for travel between DC and New York?
The Jet does provide ADA compliant, lift-equipped options for travel between Washington, D.C. and New York City. If the passenger is able to climb the stairs of the coach, we will gladly store their mobility device underneath the coach for the trip. If the passenger is unable to climb the stairs of the coach, The Jet has a lift-equipped, limousine style vehicle that is customized to provide the same level of service between DC and New York.

Please contact our concierge directly at least 48 hours in advance of your service needs at concierge@thejet.coach or (202) 618-0612, and we will be happy to assist you!
What is The JetSet Rewards program?
JetSet Rewards is our loyalty and rewards program, offering special perks and prices to our repeat riders. We hope to launch the program later this year. The best part? So long as you have created an account with us, you automatically become a Jet Setter and points that you have already accrued will be added to your account. Create an account to get our latest service announcements!
I have a nut allergy. Can I ride The Jet?
Yes, but please speak to the attendant when boarding your coach. The Jet's onboard menu features food that may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, or wheat. Depending on the seriousness of your allergy and based on your advice, we will be happy to remove items from service on board and make courtesy announcements to other guests onboard. To see our menu in advance, please visit [www.thejet.coach/menu](https://thejet.coach/menu/).